Peter HedrichTromboneDo

The Way of Playing the Trombone

Hedrich, Peter


The Way of Playing the Trombone

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VerlagsartikelNr..: 9783000738852
Verlag: Peter Hedrich

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Etüden Studien
Sophisticated Brass
This is a wonderful collection of tips and suggestions to help the reader (at any stage of development) to grasp essentials of music making with the trombone. (Jiggs Whigham)
Peter Hedrichs TromboneDo is a compact collection aof exercises that will get you ready for the day.
It covers all essential aspects of trombone playing and will help you to extend your flexibility and register.
I highly recommend it! (Michael Massong)
A good sound is essential - Peter Hedrich shows with TromboneDo a meaningful way to achieve and maintain it. (Ludwig Nuss)

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